lørdag den 25. oktober 2008

Onkel Bobs tiloversblevne materiale

Det siger lidt om kvaliteten af Dylans produktion i de senere år at dette dobbeltalbum er lavet at fravalgt materiale fra perioden 1989-2006.

Bob Dylan – Tell Tale Signs
Columbia 88697 35795 2 – 2008

Producer: Daniel Lanois, David Bromberg, Bil VornDick, Jack Frost, Jeff Rosen,
Cover: AD: Geoff Gans, Coverphoto: William Claxton

Most of the Time [Alternate Version]
Dignity [Piano Demo]
Someday Baby [Alternate Version]
Red River Shore
Tel Ol' Bill [Alternate Version]
Born in Time
Can't Wait [Alternate Version]
Everything Is Broken [Alternate Version]
Dreamin' of You
Huck's Tune [From Lucky You]
Marchin' to the City
High Water (For Charley Patton) [live]

32-20 Blues
Series of Dreams
God Knows
Can't Escape from You
Ring Them Bells [live]
Cocaine Blues [live]
Ain't Talkin' [Alternate Version]
The Girl on the Greenbriar Shore [live]
Lonesome Day Blues [live]
Miss the Mississippi
The Lonesome River
Cross the Green Mountain [From Gods and Generals]

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